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Main Objectives

This platform is very useful for Schools, Colleges & Coaching Centres to provide multiple tests of each subject for the students so that the institute may assess the students, periodically, to determine the weak ares of understanding of each student. Students can take exams from anywhere, anytime through their smartphones or laptops etc., anytime, anywhere. Exams can be made in any language and questions/answers can be added in language of your choice. Since the entire process of creating exams through the question bank is completely computerised and random, it will eliminate the need to design exams thus eliminating all kinds of cheating and favouritism.

Main Features

  1. One unique School Admin ID will be provided for School Management
  2. Management can add Class/Subject wise exams.
  3. School can Create Multiple Exams for their individual subjects & Classes.
  4. All students taking the same exam will get different questions
  5. Students will take exam through Ckeckerz App.
  6. This random selection for exam questions for each student eliminates any kind of cheating.
  7. For each exam, management can add subject & chapter-wise questions and schedule chapterwise exams for revision purpose.
  8. Add questions and multiple choice answers for each chapter of each exam
  9. School can define┬átotal questions for each exam and it’s time duration
  10. School can add questions to the Question Bank on a continuous basis.
  11. Schedule the dates for each exam as per your convenience and time table.
  12. Create both Subjective type and Objective type Exams
  13. A separate module is provided for Teacher use and management
  14. Detailed results and graphical analysis will be generated after exam is submitted(Objective type) or when exam is checked by examiner(Subjective type)
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