Why Checkerz ?

Checkerz is an online examination and assessment software through which Gov’t and Public Schools can provide an internet based examination platform for students for management & self-assessment. Multiple exams can be taken by each student on a subject wise, chapter wise basis to evaluate themselves about their understanding of any subject.
How do you know if your students are achieving your specific learning goals for a subject? Class evaluations and observations provide excellent feedback about student satisfaction and teaching style, but they don’t provide the important detail of how much your students are learning. Changing the way you assess student learning can dramatically improve your teaching effectiveness, as it provides immediate feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Checkerz assessment application does exactly that and provides an insight into the student’s weaknesses and strengths. Thus teachers can focus on the subjects the student is weak in leading to an overall improvement.

About Checkerz

Checkerz is an online examination system for conducting subject-wise exams for all classes. Schools & Educational Institutions can create subject-wise exams based on their own curriculum in the language of their choice. These exams can then be conducted online through Checkerz Android App by the students at any time from anywhere. Detailed results are generated by our software and displayed on screen for both the teachers & the students. Teachers can evaluate individual students based on this detailed result analysis and identify the weak and strong areas of each of their students

Both Individual Student Report & Batch Reports are generated


Checkerz Online Exam Platform is user friendly, adaptable and can be used on any screen size – Laptop, Tablet & Android Phone. Student can take test anywhere.


Checkerz Evaluation process is fully computorised and without human intervention. This ensures accurate and transparent results. Detailed results are saved.


Checkerz Examination Platform is very flexible and scalable. Schools and other institutions can create their own exams and structure the results.

White Label

We provide White Label options for schools, colleges etc. for conducting tests for their own students for internal assessment, revision, practice etc.

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